Holy Cow Tractor Pulling Team

Gates Belts and Hoses

In 2005, we started breaking belts on a regular basis. I contacted the Gates corporation and asked for help. They have been super. They gave me a list of things to check, and I made adjustments, but still broke belts regularly. I kept mailing my broken belts back for engineering analysis and they would send me replacements. Finally, they made some special prototype belts which solved my problems. In 2007, the made a change again and sent me new prototypes. I ran all season without breaking a single belt.


One of the things I learned quickly is that it takes a lot of work to keep 4 engines running. A lot of times there just isn't enough time to thoroughly go over each engine between events. Other times, even if you know something is wrong, it is hard to track down the source. Enter the data recorder. I have two data recorders on board that can monitor up to 88 different engine and chassis parameters. I chose Computech for 3 reasons. 1) They had enough channels that I could instrument 2 complete engines with on recorder. 2) They have outstanding customer service. 3) Their design is unique in that their system is broken into 2 pieces, a junction box, which converts all the engine parameters into computer parameters, and a head unit that displays and stores the data. The advantage here is that when the run is over, you simply remove the cigarette-pack sized head unit from it's velcro mount and take it inside (into the air conditioning) and hook it up to the computer. I cringe when I see guys with the laptops precariously balanced on a weight bar, or worse, lying in the grass and dirt at a pull.

Cartridge World

Cartridge WorldAround 1900 Gillette introduce a marketing concept "Give the razor away for free, and make your money back on the blades." The printer companies noticed the success of this campaign, and started doing it as well. I just bought a laser printer for $64. You know there is no way the printer can be made that cheap. But the manufacturer then charges and arm and a leg for toner. At first, there were kits that allowed the home user to refill ink jet cartridges, so the printer manufacturers came back and placed chips in the cartridges that disabled the cartridges after so many "dots." Enter the profession cartridge refill companies. Cartridge World in a worldwide chain that not only refills cartridges, but also does R&D to defeat measures the manufacturers installed to prevent refilling. To showcase the quality and durability of their inks, our Kokomo Cartridge World store has agreed to print our 2008 Holy Cow Signature cards. Be sure and grab one at a pull near you.

Allin Photography

Terry Allin captures the best action shots in pulling today. He has graciously supplied many of the action shots used in this website. Terry is not just limited to tractor pulling or photos, but has a complete line of unique items, and as well as weddings and portraits and the like. If you are looking to purchase pulling pictures or need a photographer for your next event, visit Terry's site.

Klotz Lubricants

We are pleased to welcome back Klotz Lubricants as a sponsor. We run 1 quart of Klotz Uplon fuel additive in each barrel of Methanol Fuel. The following description is from the Klotz Web Site.

"Klotz Uplon Fuel Lube provides upper cylinder and fuel pump lubrication. Protects the induction and fuel delivery systems from the dry, abrasive properties of methanol alcohol. Uplon Fuel Lube increases horsepower by reducing power robbing friction. Seal conditioners maintain constant fuel pressure and prevent lean-out conditions. Blends with gasoline and methanol alcohol."

We are always looking for new sponsors. We have several attractive sponsorship packages available and would like to talk with you about future sponsorship. Holy Cow is a top finishing tractor that is definitely eye catching. We have quite a following at many pulls in a variety of regions. Please contact us today about a custom sponsorship package tailored to your business.

C.O.W. Systems