Holy Cow Tractor Pulling Team

We are concentrating on Grand National (4 engine) but do pull on the State and Regional circuits (3 engine) hitting events that are close or special to us. We uncouple one of the front motors, but leave it on the tractor for balance.

We have 4 identical Keith Black Olds plus a spare long block Arias which is substantially identical to the KB's.

526 ci KB Olds Aluminum Block
Howard's Crank
SCS Aluminum Rods
JE Pistons
Howard's Cams
Competition Valvetrain
Crane Lifters
Dart 360 Heads
Howard's Valve Springs
Manley Intake Valves
REV Exhaust Valves
MSD Pro-Mag 20 Magnetos
Littlefield High Helix Retro 8-71 Superchargers
Prototype Gates 13.9mm Blower Belts
Gerardot Fuel Injection
Banter Cross Box
Banter Magnesium Caterpillar Planetary Rear Axle
Banter Rockwell SQHD Differential
Banter Driveline
Banter Front Axle
Engler Brakes
2002 Eder Chassis
Performance High-Speed Udder

C.O.W. Systems