Holy Cow Tractor Pulling Team

Larry Piekarski

I am the owner, driver, mechanic, and engineer for Holy Cow.
  • Age: 39
  • Married: 13 years
  • Children: 0
  • Pets: 3 Cats
  • Occupation: Software Engineer for EDS and contracted to Delphi
  • Born: West Carrollton, Ohio
  • Education:
    • West Carrollton High School - 1986
    • GMI Engineering & Management Institute - 1991
      • Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Cum Laude
      • Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Cum Laude

Stacey Piekarski

She is the main second hand (Hey, can you hold this while I tack weld it...Did you see where that bolt I just dropped went...Can you run into town and get another intake gasket) She is also the "artist" of the family and is responsible for the eye-catching paint job on our tractor. She also takes care of us at the events by preparing food and keeping the cooler stocked with cold pop.
  • Age: 38
  • Born: Louisville, Kentucky

Brad Plattner

Brad was another random fan that started talking to us at a pull. It turns our he is a also a mechanical engineer. He doesn't come into the sport with a background in motorsports, but, being and engineer, is picking things up quickly. Brad will be the crew chief for this season. Brad'swife Shannon also comes when she can and helps out greatly.

Steve Peelman

Steve is an EGM, an Engineering Group Manager at Delphi. When I worked in the Air Controls (Automotive HVAC controls) group from 1994-1997, Steve was the manager of Air Controls software. He was my bosses boss. Steve is calm and quiet, so it was suprising to find that we shared two interests, motorcycling and motorsports. Steve is now the EGM for hybrid power packs at Delphi. Steve lives just miles away from me, so it makes it convenient to help out with the little projects.

Brian VanZweeden

Brian is an working as an EMT while going to college. I met Brian at Marne, MI in 2003. He was working the pull as an EMT. I feel sorry for those guys because they have to be constantly on alert for some disaster, which usually never occurs. Brian was different, he was really into the pull. We talked for quite a while trackside, and later he showed up at our trailer to buy a T-shirt. It turns out that his Mom worked with Doug Down's brother, and hook Brian up with Doug. Brain helped Doug for a couple of years on the GN circuit. Brian has good instincts on reading a track and always seems to know what needs to be done at the right time. We also have to include Brian's wife Kelli. She always comes along and pitches in where she can.

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