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The Illinois Tractor Pulling Association is a motorsports governing body that sanctions truck and tractor pulling events throughout the midwest. The Illinois Tractor Pulling Association (ITPA) was organized on January 24, 1968, making it one of the oldest sanctioning bodies for Truck and Tractor pulling in the nation. Recognizing the need for uniform competition rules, the ITPA has taken a vision of a level playing field and safety of the competitors and spectators, and formed itself as the premier truck and tractor pulling organization in the State of Illinois, as well as the Midwest. With that vision in mind, the ITPA is ready to take the sport of truck and tractor pulling into the new millennium, and their 5th Decade of organizing events. The ITPA offers competition classes ranging from single cylinder garden tractors up through super stocks and multi engine modified tractors. The ITPA has something for every tractor pulling fan. The battle of the brands lives on today as John Deere vs. IH vs. AC and Dodge vs. Chevy vs. Ford at over 80 events throughout Illinois and neighboring states. An abundant year end points fund encourages pullers to build and maintain some of the finest pulling machinery in the land. [edit]Recent events After numerous meetings, discussions, and a huge amount of research and investigation by the officers and directors, the ITPA ended its lengthy relationship with the National Tractor Pullers Association in 2000. Given the member's confidence in the leadership of the ITPA, Illinois will operate as an independent state for 2000. The ITP has established a good working relationship with the Outlaw Truck and Tractor Pulling Association (OTTPA). With this new association, several events in Illinois will be OTTPA co-sanctioned, and pulling fans in Missouri will see more ITPA vehicles at events in the Show Me State. A new chapter in alliances among several Midwestern states is an organization called the U.S. Pullers Association. While the overall mission statement of this new corporation is yet to be fully determined, it will be the conduit through which insurance coverages for pullers, spectators and promoters is organized. The smallest vehicles competing in the ITPA, these machines started life like the Cub Cadet or John Deere in your own Garage. Don't let that fool you though- these highly modified mighty midgets run in "road gear" just like the big boys, and can be a real handful to operate. They are powered by single cylinder flathead engines and run on methanol. This class is entertaining and exciting. The reasonable cost of building and operating a competitive tractor makes it a popular choice. For the budget-minded puller who wants a little more "zip" in his or her machine, the Limited Mini Rods are the way to go. These tractors ride on frames fabricated from scratch. In light of the various different approaches to horsepower in this class, the ITPA has written the rules to ensure parity for virtually everyone that competes. Injected big blocks, blown small blocks, and carbureted small block engines all operate on a playing field made level by various limits on weight, supercharger size, etc.

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