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The National Tractor Pullers Association (NTPA) is a national tractor pulling sanctioning body in the United States. It was born of a need to unify the rules and classes in the sport of truck and tractor pulling. The NTPA was founded in 1969 by representatives of eight states (Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, and Pennsylvania) to establish uniform rules and provide structure to the sport of truck and tractor pulling. Throughout the years, the NTPA has been instrumental in implementation of safety standards in the sport, and is the governing body from which most other truck and tractor pulling organizations, foreign or domestic, copy their rules. Since 1987, the NTPA has been managed by the World Pulling International, Inc, which also is a marketing department and publications department of the NTPA. These are the pulling tractors that look like their stock counterparts, and MUST retain stock sheet metal, as per NTPA rules. Although John Deere and International tractors are the most prevalent, most other big-name makes are represented throughout the stock classes. While most of these classes mandate the use of diesel fuel only, the Super Stock Open tractors are allowed to use alcohol as a fuel source. Stock Classes Farm Stock Tractors Super Farm Tractors Pro Farm Tractors Super Stock Diesel Tractors Light Super Stock Tractors Heavy Super Stock T actors Super Stock Open Tractors. The modified tractor classes are the pulling classes that are least like their stock counterparts. Most all modified tractors sport multiple engines. The number and type of engines vary from tractor to tractor. Engines used in these classes come from automotive, aviation, agricultural, or transportation sources. Popular engines are Chevrolet automotive engines, V-12 Allison aircraft engines, Lycoming jet engines, farm tractor engines (such as John Deere or IH), or Detroit Diesel truck engines. The modified class has a limit on types and numbers of engines that can be used on each tractor. The Unlimited Class has no such limit, but instead limits the number of engines that can be used via a strict maximum weight limit. These unique vehicles look a bit like the modified tractors, but sport smaller tires, and only a single automotive-type engine. Mini Rod Class Mini Modified Tractors [edit]TWD (Two Wheel Drive Trucks) Nicknamed "Funny cars" by competitors, these high powered pulling machines do tend to look a bit like Funny Car dragsters. They feature elongated bodies, and oversized rear tires. Most also have "blowers" sticking through their hoods. In the late 1990s, the NTPA outlawed the use of T-Bucket roadsters in the TWD class. Recent years have seen the return of these popular open cockpit pulling trucks. TWD Class Two Wheel Drive Trucks

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