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Machine types

The term "tractor" (US and Canada) or "tractor unit" (UK) is also applied to: Road tractors, tractor units or traction heads, familiar as the front end of an articulated lorry / semi-trailer truck. They are heavy-duty vehicles with large engines and several axles. The majority of these tractors are designed to pull long semi-trailers, most often to transport freight over a significant distance, and is connected to the trailer with a fifth wheel coupling. In England, this type of "tractor" is often called an "artic cab" (short for "articulated" cab). A minority is the ballast tractor, whose load is hauled from a drawbar. Pushback tractors are used on airports to move aircraft on the ground, most commonly pushing aircraft away from their parking stands. Locomotive tractors (engines) or Rail car movers - the amalgamation of machines, electrical generators, controls and devices that comprise the traction component of railway vehicles Artillery tractors - vehicles used to tow artillery pieces of varying weights. NASA and other space agencies use very large tractors to move large launch vehicles and space shuttles between their hangars and launch pads. A pipe-tractor is a device used for conveying advanced instruments into pipes for measurement and data logging, and the purging of well holes, sewer pipes and other inaccessible tubes. A tractor unit, prime mover (Australian English), road tractor, or traction unit is a heavy-duty commercial vehicle within the large goods vehicle category, usually with a large displac ment diesel engine, and several axles. The tractor unit serves as a method of moving trailers (most often semi-trailers). Different trailers can be swapped between tractor units quickly, so the tractor unit does not stand idle whilst the load is unloaded or loaded, unlike a rigid, and is not restricted to one type of goods as trailer types can be swapped e.g. bulk tipper to a box van. The tractor-trailer combination also means a load can be shared across many axles, yet be more maneuverable than an equivalently sized rigid truck (see trucks). The tractor unit couples to the trailer using some sort of mechanical lock system, usually a fifth wheel coupling. A tractor unit is primarily designated a freight vehicle, and is most common in the heavy goods vehicle (HGV) class of vehicles, although smaller, van-based tractor units do exist. In aviation, pushback is an airport procedure during which an aircraft is pushed backwards away from an airport gate by external power. Pushbacks are carried out by special, low-profile vehicles called pushback tractors or tugs. Although many aircraft are capable of moving themselves backwards on the ground using reverse thrust (a procedure referred to as a powerback), the resulting jet blast or prop wash may cause damage to the terminal building or equipment. Engines close to the ground may also blow sand and debris forward and then suck it in to the engine, causing damage to the engine. A pushback using a tractor is therefore the preferred method to move the aircraft away from the gate.

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